How Mutual Hosting Plans are Viable for New Businesses

The number of start-ups in the country increased from 29,000 in 2014 to 55,000 in 2020. The demand for free business listing sites in India has also expanded to list various companies online. While perfect for the Indian market, running a startup is not a simple feat. The ideal way to communicate your arrival at the scene is to have a strong internet presence that starts with a website that ensures satisfying guest meetings. This is because polls have shown that people tend to search for goods and services online before calling or visiting a small business. Also, 88 percent of men and women looking for a business or service on their phones call or use their solutions within the next 24 hours. Despite these statistics, 39 percent of all startups don’t have a website. They feel that they are not big enough to have a site or do not have enough resources to cover hosting costs. However, hosting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Shared hosting is a great starting point for new businesses. Let’s see how this choice can benefit your startup:

It can cut your costs of web hosting

Shared hosting programs can be highly cost effective, depending on the attributes you choose. A shared hosting server hosts multiple sites, and the resources on that server are spread across the sites. When using a shared host, the price has further split across locations, making these programs much more affordable than other options, India dedicated hosting in particular. For new businesses, internet traffic will initially be meager, which could be managed by shared servers, making it ideal for your requirements.

Get you multiple alternatives.

You can choose the primary shared host first. While this may have some restrictions on resources and the number of sites allowed, you’ll find a fantastic idea of ​​how your site behaves and responds. Perhaps your website needs more internal processing. You can opt for a more innovative shared hosting program that gives you a much better processor or after upgrading to a VPS or dedicated server in these cases. You also get a fantastic idea of ​​how many parked domains and subdomains you need. Initially, from the research phase to the adhesion phase, a shared host is far more than capable of managing the traffic on your site. And it won’t charge your cash flow. However, as your startup begins to grow, you can also scale your website and hosting strategy.

You will get professional management.

Shared hosting is relatively cheap to maintain. The hosting provider will make sure the host is up and running while taking care of all administrative tasks. This usually means that you don’t need to hire IT specialists to maintain this server. Experienced specialists can take care of everything from hardware and application updates to regular backups and quick troubleshooting of network outages. So go ahead and look for an efficient website for your business and choose a hosting provider that can support you every step of the way — getting your website up and running.

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